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    Default Low E glazing in cold climate

    My house is a well insulated but needs some replacement or additional glazing to aid in the thermal performance. I live in a cold climate that does not require air condition cooling if one power vents at night for the week per year that is hot enough to be less that comfortable to sleep. I have read both in Tom Sitka's articles and others that low E coated glass is a good investment. However, 75% of the year I want to use the Sun's rays to add heat to my house. Would not the low E coated glass not hinder the passive heat added by the sun? Is it that these articles have been written for the readers that live in climates that use a great deal of energy to cool their dwellings?

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    Default Re: Low E glazing in cold climate

    Low E filters UV light which helps cut down on fading in the house furnishings.

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