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Thread: Basement cracks

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    Unhappy Basement cracks

    My basement is block, built in 50's. There are several cracks along the mortar areas. I am in the process of moving downspout runoff away from house. Once this is done, how do I fix the cracks? What products are available? I'd like to seal it and paint it as well. Advice?

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    I would be careful because from what I can see you will be taking out the old mortar and at least one surrounding brick, placing new mortar on the joining sides of block and putting it back. Just imagine you are replacing a brick in the chimney, same concept. However, you also have the same problem that every brick is supporting the ones above it. However, this also supports your house!

    You will need mortar, blocks, a trowel, and possibly assistance. I would check with a friend in the industry about what else you need and if you need expert help.

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