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    Question Cast iron waste pipe in basement leaking

    Hi. I noticed today that my waste pipe in basement is slowly leaking when I flushed the toilet. It also leaked a little when the washer drained into the utility sink (sits right next to the pipe). My plumber can't look at it until tomorrow night and I'm a little afraid to flush the toilet or drain water for fear that it will get much worse. Could this be a localized problem or symptomatic of a clog in the line? I'm assuming since the utility sink draining made it drip (the pipe is below the leak area) must mean it's backed up?

    Link to image of the pipe area leaking: http://beautifulboxcar.com/deanna/pipe2.jpeg

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated. My house was built in the 50s and I'm a single woman who has owned it for a year.

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    Default Re: Cast iron waste pipe in basement leaking

    It's hard to tell without inspecting it, but having a clog past the connection in your photo is entirely possible.

    Try not to use the toilet or sink until the plumber shows up.

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    Default Re: Cast iron waste pipe in basement leaking

    CHeck to see if those clamps rings are still tight and if the pipes have moved over time

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    Default Re: Cast iron waste pipe in basement leaking

    Best to not use till the plumber can fix it, but if the leak is small and you can't wait, dry off the leak best you can, get some of the kids "Silly Putty" and apply it over the leak, then duct tape around that tightly. It will hold small leaks for a few days and reduce larger ones similarly. Also on horizontal runs, you can wrap and tie a rag around that so the water will drain into a bucket placed underneath instead of running down the pipe and dripping all over.


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