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    Default Mortising attachment set for Craftsman 113.21310 drill press

    What models of mortising attachment kits work with this drill press?

    The drill press was manufactured around 1969. It may have been manufactured by Emerson for Craftsman.

    The mortising kit is going to be non-standard because the housing needs to accommodate the drill press's feed stop rod, which is on the right side. As such, a new "universal" kit won't work with it.

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    Default Re: Mortising attachment set for Craftsman 113.21310 drill press

    My advice to you is to not even try to find a kit or an adapter to make this work, especially for a machine of this age, here's why, if you want to install a mortiser on your drill press, you will no longer have the use of the drill press while in mortiser mode. It is not an easy task to install a mortiser on a drill press, so if you factor in the time and hassle of swapping your drill press from one mode to another, you'll see that what you should be considering is a dedicated mortising machine, or at least a second drill press that is permanently set up as a mortiser.

    Trust me on this, as a professional woodworker and a hobbyist woodworker, changing over a tool from one system to the next is a major pain in the @$$, which includes setting up dado blades in a table saw . . . It is better to have a dedicated system for your needs, as you will be more inclined to use the tool more frequently if you don't have to mess around with it every time you want to use it.

    Think of it this way, do you take the tires off your car every time you come home? No? Why not? Because that is a pain in the behind, and if you had to do that every time you used the car, you wouldn't ever use the car. Your shop tools are EXACTLY the same. You might not think that swapping a drill press from drill to mortiser is that big a deal, until 1) you have to do it, and 2) you need that drill press while the mortiser is set up. When I bought my drillpress a few years ago, I paid extra for the mortiser attachment, not a particularly cheap addition. To this day I've never used the mortiser for the reasons stated in this message. Instead, I've found other methods of joinery so as not to have to go through the misery of changing the machinery set up.
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    Default Re: Mortising attachment set for Craftsman 113.21310 drill press

    I agree with the above post; it's bad enough having to set up a dedicated mortiser much less a make-shift one. The 18" l. handle on the small Grizzly is definitely needed for hard woods like oak. The small feed handles on a drill press are nowhere near being up to that demand.
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