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    Default Roofing: wrinkles in ice&water shield

    I just got done roofing my house and when i got down off the roof i noticed a few wrinkles down by the eves. Im guessing this is due to not getting the ice and water shield down flat. Im looking for any ideas on how to get rid of the wrinkles without having to remove any shingles.

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    Default Re: Roofing: wrinkles in ice&water shield

    Since you are guessing you don't have any real way of knowing if there is any breach in the water seal. Have to get up on a ladder or have some great binoculars to see that. Ladder is best.

    JUst wait a few months for the summer heat to work its magic and flatten the roof on its own. Minor wrinkles are normal.

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    Default Re: Roofing: wrinkles in ice&water shield

    Unless the wrinkles are really bad it should lay down on it's own. And if they are that bad, the shingles should have never been laid over it until the problem was resolved. If it doesn't take care of itself by fall, you're going to have to R+R the shingles covering it using new ice and water shield so that you're not leaving open holes in the existing wrinkled material.


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