Dear all,

Our 1925 house is one of many in the neighborhood and surrounding areas that are similar if not identical. These houses are all over Queens, New York, most built in the mid-1920s or so, yet realtors call them "colonial". This is the type of house shown at the beginning of "The King of Queens" (set in Rego Park, Queens but the house is actually in Cliffside Park, New Jersey). Variations of these houses are ubiquitous in Queens and other urban residential areas of the Northeast.

Here are some typical photos of this style:

Can anyone help me with the name of the style? I am sure it is not colonial or even neo-colonial, and not a bungalow and not vernacular style.

In other forums, I have been told that it's the 1920's/early version of a tract home, no particular style. Small lots, efficient design and layout. Good quality materials, not mass produced, just a plain simple design that was easy and cheap to build; overall affordable middle class housing.

I was recommended to check the Field Guide to American Houses ( which classifies it as "gable front family" in the category of folk houses in the National style (p. 90) but that does not quite match. Although this description is appropriate: "Particularly suited for narrow urban lots in the rapidly expanding cities of the Northeast."

I appreciate any advice or opinions - thank you!

Confused in Queens