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    Default Re: Air Circulation In Summer Without A/C?

    Sorry for the slow reply.

    I know a -little- about physics and I'm pretty sure that, yeah, the only way a window fan is gonna do any good is if the fan is -sealed- tight, so I'm gonna see what I can do to arrange something like that. As I wrote before, the windows are a -really- odd size. Narrow and wide. A traditional 'box' fan just won't fit, although I guess I -could- use one of those slim air conditioners so long as I don't care how it looks.

    I think I also wrote that I'm partially disabled, so getting up in the attic is a bit of a chore... especially since it's so cramped. But I'll try to get up there and double check that the air seems to flow freely out the soffits.

    Gotta ask my neighbours about attic fans.

    Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Air Circulation In Summer Without A/C?

    Hi, There is another way to solve this problem without using fans or cutting holes in the attic. When you need to replace the roofing, you can add a grid of strapping over the old roof to make a vent system and then add the new roofing over this grid. This new roof will shade the old roof and attic and the air flowing through the vent system will cool the roofing. Thanks

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    Default Re: Air Circulation In Summer Without A/C?

    Quote Originally Posted by keith3267 View Post
    4 degrees is a lot because it is a huge surface area. If it was 4 degrees over a couple of square feet, then it would not be a big deal, but 4 degrees over the area the size of the ceiling can pump a lot of BTU's in the space below.
    Your interior air is going to be at least 4 degrees hotter at the ceiling than on the floor from natural convection. That's why I say the measured difference is no big deal- no amount of insulation/ventilation is going to change that 4 degrees appreciably. That much is normal, 20 degrees might not be!

    As long as 2/3 to 3/4 of the box fan is not obscured it should be safe to have in the window. You'll lose some efficiency but not much. I do similarly here.

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    Default Re: Air Circulation In Summer Without A/C?

    4 degrees ceiling to floor, I agree but 4 degrees from ceiling to a few inches below the ceiling is significant.

    suntower, instead of going up into that hot and cramped attic, I suggest that you pull a fascia board off. That is pretty easy to do and it won't put you into a cramped space. If you see that there is an issue with airflow being blocked, then it will be much easier and more comfortable to repair through the fascia than laying down on all that uncomfortable insulation and trying to squeeze into an ever decreasing space as you work your way out to the edge.

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