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    Default Re: cooling for a computer room

    Quote Originally Posted by canuk View Post
    Ya know ..... a company I do work in has several thousand LAN/WAN setups in as may offices.
    Each office has a cabinet approx. 2 feet wide by 4 feet deep by 5 feet high ( about 20 sq ft or 40 cubic ft. ) .....which contains a real server , UPS , phone system , router, hub and other special equipment.

    The cabinets have front and rear doors that remain closed ... there is an opening on the bottom roughly 1 foot by 2 feet covered by a filter. On top of the cabinet there are three 4 inch exhaust fans drawing the heat out the cabinet. There is no dedicated A/C system employed or needed for cooling. This system works well by simple air circulation through the cabinet and haven't seen a crash because of this.
    That is an excellent setup, and one I've seen before. Glad you reminded us of it.

    A cabinet as you describe will probably cost $1500-2000 for the setup. (That rack equipment is expen$$$ive!)

    I like the products from RackSolutions.com -- they seem to be well built and much more reasonably priced than Dell- or APC-branded racks.
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