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    Question Lever handle for new mortise door lock?

    Hi, the mortise-type door mechanisms I'd like to install at my mom's house come with a round knob but she's having increasing trouble with round knobs on doors. Is there a standalone lever that could replace the round knob?

    The new mortise mechanism comes from a national chain and the handle mounting bolt is square and threaded. I've searched the web but have come up blank. I tried to attached a picture of the mechanism in the door but the site won't let me for some reason.

    We could install new modern mechanisms (round hole type) but that would involve drilling the door and filling some empty space etc. I'm not sure if even that would work because the doors themselves are thinner than modern doors.

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    Default Re: Lever handle for new mortise door lock?

    There are reproduction sites like house of antique hardware and schoolhouse electric that may help you.
    It's this old house, not this built after your dad was born house.

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    Default Re: Lever handle for new mortise door lock?

    I'd suggest that you try a locksmith, one that actually has a storefront and not one that works out of a van only.

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