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    Default rotted 4x10 plate

    I began to chisel out cement on foundation of 100 plus yearold house in order to re point. the siding consist of red cedar shingles, tar paper, original clapboard, and planking nailed to frame. The house plate seems to be rotting in several places sitting in the foundation, I am attempting to chisel out as much of the rot as i can. Is my house ruined?
    Do I have to strip it to the planking and then what? The inside of plate in basement does not seem to be rotted.

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    Default Re: rotted 4x10 plate

    " Is my house ruined? "

    Without seeing the scope of the damage, it's hard to say what you have on your hand. A trustworthy general contractor can give you his opinion, after an inspection.

    From what you are telling us, your house is not doomed, but don't take my word on it.

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