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    Default Connecting Bosch Dishwasher to an older home with bx cable

    We recently bought a dishwasher and are having trouble connecting the electrical. The dishwasher comes with a junction box that has a cord that plugs into the dishwasher. In the junction box there is a place where green, black and white wire need to be screwed into. The bx cable has only two wires so we are trying to make sure it's properly grounded since there is nothing to screw into the ground connection. The junction box is plastic.
    Here is a link that has an image of the bx cable, junction box and spread of the installation booklet http://bobbyandpetronella.blogspot.c...ishwasher.html

    Please use very simple terms since we have no experience with electrical work....THANKS!!!!

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    Default Re: Connecting Bosch Dishwasher to an older home with bx cable

    The outer sheath of the BX was once used for grounding, but this has been found to be hazardous and is no longer acceptable. You'll need to run a separate ground wire to someplace in the electrical system that is tied into the panel, and all the wiring between the new wire and the panel must be at least as big as whatever size the dishwasher calls for. Don't be tempted to tap the ground onto a pipe, jump to a neutral, or any other way- with water involved, you really need that proper good grounding here.


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