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    Exclamation Latex over Latex - On Top of Oil-based

    Got a weird one here.

    I was trying to do some DIY painting at church...attempting to do everything right.
    Sanded and Sponged down the latex-covered walls with TSP. Wiped off with a clean wet towel and let air dry.
    As I was finishing the first coat of latex primer, I looked over to notice the paint starting to bubble.
    I realized that someone had painted latex paint over oil based without priming (and probably without sanding or other prep.)

    Question: There are about 2500 square feet of wall like this that I need to paint on a very small budget (though the paint is good quality).

    Is there a solution that does not include taking off the old latex? there a different type of primer I can use to make this work?

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    Default Re: Latex over Latex - On Top of Oil-based

    what are you painting? interior, exterior, wood, sheetrock?

    Oklahoma City, OK

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    Default Re: Latex over Latex - On Top of Oil-based

    Most rooms are drywall. Two walls are cinder block.
    I'm still amazed at how easily the latex paint stripped off of the oil based. The oil based paint was still smooth and shiny (for the most part).
    It was like spraying warm DIF onto freshly hung wallpaper.
    I just slid a razor blade behind it and it just rolled off the wall, even though the latex had been on for over three or four years.
    I don't think I'd have the same luck with the cinder block, though.

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