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    Default What to replace the sawdust insulating layer with on a replacement hardwood install?

    Hello everyone:
    We had major water damage and are working with our insurance company to replace the original hardwood flooring. I am insisting that they place a layer of soundproofing insulation where the sawdust once laid under the original floors (about a 2 -4 inch space). There are two reasons: 1) to prevent sound reverb from floating up from the neighbors below us (this is a third floor condo); and 2) to prevent drafts from our North-facing French Doors during cold Indiana Winters.

    The insurance company, however, does not see the need (surprise). They insist I provide "expert" opinion that the sawdust layer did anything, and what would be an equal replacement.
    Does anyone out there know about the history of using sawdust under hardwoods dating around 1920? Did it provide a layer of insulation and soundproofing? My common sense tells me it did, however, I need more.

    Thanks so much for your opinions! I've attached a couple of pics. One is with the layer (damp) and one is the sawdust removed to show the space I want filled.

    I tried to attach two photos, however, the uploader did not work. Instead, I put them up on my work website at

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    Default Re: What to replace the sawdust insulating layer with on a replacement hardwood insta

    I've never heard of this. Unless it is contra-indicated by building or fire codes, the insurance company is obligated to make things just like they were before the damage occurred. You will have to remind them of that since they just want to get out as cheaply as possible. You don't need to know about why the sawdust was there, only that it was there and that there's nothing wrong with it being there. Demand a restoration to make it just like the way it was, not a quickie repair- that's what you pay those premiums for isn't it?


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