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    Default Re: Water overshooting gutter - metal roof [again]

    Thank you for all of the responses. You have given me some good ideas.

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    Default Re: Water overshooting gutter - metal roof [again]

    The gutters are far too low- the high point needs to be right up against the metal roofing with minimal pitch along the run to keep it as high as possible. The reason is that metal roofing does not spread the water flow; instead it concentrates it so that you essentially have lots of little rivers to deal with. And metal roofs do not slow the water flow down like shingle roofs do, so those rivers are going to run fast and overshoot the gutters. Metal roofs with gutters should not have more than 1" overhang past the fascia, but most roofers go for 1 1/2" to 2" which is traditional for metal roofs- which generally didn't have gutters. We get some real gully-washers here in the south sometimes and I've seen this same issue many times over. Since it's darn near impossible to trim the metal back and too expensive to move it up, add to the fascia or use solid spacers at every hanger to put the gutters out and up where they need to be.


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