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    Default Help with stained concrete

    After using an iron heavy fertilizer on our front lawn, our concrete driveway now has rust stains. How can we remove these? Is there a product safe for our grass and landscaping? Is power washing the answer? Help! We are new homeowners and our house was new when we bought it last year, so this mar on our curb appeal is bumming us out!

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    Default Re: Help with stained concrete

    Removing rust spots is not easy, but sometimes can be done. Time is important, so don't let it sit by too long.

    I found this to be working for small rust spots: detergent with a little water and a wire brush with a lot of elbow grease. One spot at a time, man it's hard.

    Maybe someone else has a better idea...

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    Default Re: Help with stained concrete

    See if you can find this product.
    Singerman Concrete Rust Remover.
    Also check ProSoCo I think they have a rust remover product.

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    Default Re: Help with stained concrete

    I haven't tried the following products, but there's a slew of them out there in the big box stores & elsewhere; some of them have customer reviews, good & bad; you may need a wire scrubbing brush or stiff-bristled push broom as well.

    Also check to make sure there are no metal roof gutters or metal downspouts or older rusted vehicles parked in the driveway throwing rain runoff onto the driveway.

    Google "concrete rust removers"
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    Default Re: Help with stained concrete

    For staining a concrete floor, you should go to either a construction tool supplier, or rental place , they should have the products to do concrete acid etching, in simple terms you can use a acid to impress the color into the concrete, there are a number of different brands, so you would have to follow the instructions on the individual product.

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