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    Default My gutters are pathetic

    So I need help with my gutters and my first problem is I'm having a hard time discussing them because I don't know what they're called. I have a low slope torch down roof that doesn't have attached gutters, but rather the drainage is built in to the edge of the roof. I can't seem to figure out what this type of gutter is called. It's basically just a shallow valley that runs the length of the roof edge and has a downspout at both ends that goes through the eave to a downspout. Does anyone know what these are called?


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    Default Re: My gutters are pathetic

    That erm may be localized, Call any local roofer for the lingo.

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    Default Re: My gutters are pathetic

    A photo will help. You can upload a photo on a host like photobucket and then give us the link.

    Could be a channel gutter.

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    Sounds like you have Box Gutters if they are "hidden" and you cannot see them. Those are known as Wooden Box Gutters. They come from a long while back. They do require a lot of maintenance, and always ensure they are never clogged. But they will last forever if they are maintained properly

    Handy Andy

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