I have a house in CT on elevated property, but the builders decided to carve a walkout out of the side for the basement. As the house and property has settled over time, the walkout is now the lowest point on the property within 300 feet with massive slopes around this carved out area. It's not the lowest by much, but it's where water likes to go.

With normal rainfall, the area drains fine as its filled with stone, but torrential storms (like the ones we have been experiencing daily for a few weeks) create massive pooling in an area that is 8.5 X 14 right outside the door, upwards of 4 inches deep, threatening to break the crest of the door frame and into my finished basement. When the rain stops, it takes about an hour for the pool to drain away, but I'm afraid I'm flirting with disaster.

I've done the math and it seems like I need to try and displace upwards of 300 gallons somewhere, but I'm not entirely sure the best way to do this? Dry wells? My research shows the do it yourself dry wells really only hold 50 gallons each. Do i need to dig a pit to string 6 of these together? Do I need to actually create 300 gallons of dead space for this water to go?

What other options are out there?