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    Default Sump Pump Discharge Pipe

    Hi All!

    Just bought a house - year built: 1885

    Previous owner had a sump installed a few years ago, and the discharge pipe (PVC) had not been secured to the wall in any way, other than the hole going to the outside of the house.

    I had a plumbing company out, and he secured the PVC pipe to the wall (not the ceiling) using J-hangers. I questioned this after I saw it, since I had assumed U clamps would be used. I'm concerned that this is not a best practice, so any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Also, the discharge is currently being extended on the exterior part of the house using corrugated plastic flex pipe - any thoughts on how to extended the PVC further from the house using something that is more secured, yet removable for lawn maintenance/etc.?

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    Default Re: Sump Pump Discharge Pipe

    There are dozens of hangers and clamps on the market - most of them will pass.

    As long as the PVC pipe is tight with the right slope, you should be OK.

    The same with the drain: get some pipe that fits from an assortment of pipes. BTW, connecting and disconnecting many times again and again, will result in a weak connection.

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    Default Re: Sump Pump Discharge Pipe

    If the hangers will support the pipe full of water they are fine. You could terminate the PVC at the foundation to a male screw-thread fitting, add a 'union', then continue similarly as you wish. When you want the pipe out of the way unscrew the union and it all comes away then goes right back when you're done. It shouldn't need to be more than hand-tight here as some minor leakage would be acceptable.


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