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    Default Removing paint from concrete block walls?

    I would like to apply the following Sani-Tred products to my basement walls and floor:



    1) What are my best options for removing old paint from the walls?

    2) And, there may be mold in the paint - what to do, first?

    3) Would dry ice (CO2) blasting work?
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    Default Re: Removing paint from concrete block walls?

    Any topical coating, even if it works as advertised, doesn't do anything to prevent the water from getting all the way to the back side of the paint. Once in the wall assembly, the water will build up tremendous pressure and find a way out somewhere. Usually not a good place.

    Have you tried to abate the water on the outside by all means possible?

    Re-grade, piping (solid, not that perforated junk) adding air flow and sunshine, pumping, adding hard surfaces, re-directing downspouts, adding gutters......

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    Default Re: Removing paint from concrete block walls?

    1. Depending on the paints on the walls, you should try mechanical scr-aping first. Use caution here, because you may not know what's up there as far as types of paints. A basement is an terrible place to do this.

    2. Treat mold with a bleach solution. Again be careful working in a confined area. Do you have windows? open them.

    3. If you run into extreme difficulties and want to try blasting - go ahead, you'll have some serious cleaning to do.

    Having said all that, to stop water from penetrating your basement walls, look for answers OUTSIDE the basement. Waterproofing to be effective, should be applied on the exterior. Grading, re-grading, drains, gutters and spouts will help in diverting rain water away from the basement walls. You may not be able to do it all, and not doing it all will not completely solve your situation. Seek professional help, but be super careful who you hire.

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