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    Default Please name brand and actual product name -wood preservative

    The following paragraph is from TOH article on pro tips for painting exteriors. No one here in Hawaii hardware stores knows what this product is or called. Please provide brand name and product name and description so I can buy it ****** or locally. Thanks.
    Hopefully, something that can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowes. Shipping is a killer here.

    A Hidden Layer of Protection Makers of wooden windows and doors have a secret: Coating bare wood with a paintable water-repellent preservative keeps paint on longer. Now, Andrew D'Amato and a few other top-of-the-line painters are borrowing the trick, which is backed up by research at Purdue University and the U.S. government's Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin. It's important that a product's label make three claims: "water repellent," "preservative" and "paintable." The water repellent, often a wax, keeps the wood from shrinking or swelling as much when it rains, so the paint stretches less, stays intact and grips the wood longer. The preservative kills mildew, which could grow into the top paint layer and ruin its look, and fungi that cause wood to rot. There is a wide variation in formulas on the market, however. To find an effective preservative, follow the lead of the many window and door manufacturers who use products that contain 3-iodo-2-propynyl butylcarbamate, an iodine-based preservative often abbreviated IPBC.
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    Default Re: Please name brand and actual product name -wood preservative

    I read some MDS's for water-based preservatives, and the active ingredient is propylene glycol; one has 2 proprietary "biocides" but does not elaborate, because they're proprietary/trade secrets. Good luck fining the stuff you're seeking.
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    Default Re: Please name brand and actual product name -wood preservative

    Google anchorseal maybe that will work for you.

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    Default Re: Please name brand and actual product name -wood preservative

    I would be concerned that any wax-bearing product might prevent the paint from adhering well enough- all paint manufacturers specifically call for surfaces free of moisture, oils, dirt and wax. If painting is done properly, it sheds rainwater and nothing gets to the wood underneath so I think the point is kind of moot. If the moisture is atmospheric (humidity) then there's not going to be any easy way to seal every part of it, thus it will swell and shrink anyway. Plus some woods are more prone to this than others.

    If someone had a sure-fire way to prevent splits and checking we'd all pick up their next bar tab in appreciation but as far as I know no such product or method yet exists.


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