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    Default Connecting Green to Ground When....


    I am installing a ceiling fan, and yes using the proper box, etc. When I am connecting the black to black, white to white, and green to ground, the black to black and white to white makes perfect sense using the wire connectors. But, with the ground currently as it is in the box, the ground/bare wire is going up and attaches to a screw, so I can't use a wire connector. How should I connect my ground from the fan to the ground in the box when it isn't loose like the others aka it is attached to a screw?

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    Default Re: Connecting Green to Ground When....

    You can loosen the screw a little, wrap your new green wire around the screw, then tighten the screw with the old green and new green.

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    Default Re: Connecting Green to Ground When....

    Hope you didn't cut the ground wire short. You wrap it under the screw, or at least go under the screw head in the box and tighten the box screw, with about 4" or so sticking out from that screw, then the end of the wire is attached to the green terminal on the fan.

    In other words, it is a continuous length of wire that loops under the box screw and then goes to the fan. No wire nut needed.

    If the fan has a braided ground wire or insulated green wire instead of a screw terminal, then you just loop the groud wire as above and then use a wire nut to connect the green wire to the end of the ground wire.

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    Default Re: Connecting Green to Ground When....

    Take the bare wire off the screw. Attach a short piece of new bare wire (same gauge) to the screw. Now take the green wire and the two bare wires, and connect them with a wire nut.

    Wrapping two wires under one screw isn't permitted by electrical code.
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