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Thread: Leaky balcony

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    My Balcony has a flashing problem. Built in the 1970's it has a solid wall surround that has two rain spouts for drainage. The floor is painted concrete and the balcony surround is painted stucco. The years of earthquakes have not been kind to my balcony and where the floor meats the balcony surround there is a visible crack that water leaks through. What is the best way to seal the balcony and protect the structure from water damage but hold up to the frequent earthquakes we receive in Southern California? Sorry I can seem to post a JPEG. Every time I try I recieve an error message.

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    Can you post to Drop box or Photobucket some other hosting site ?

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    A temporary fix would be to caulk it, but I think you have a bigger problem, which will involve removing some of the stucco to see what's wrong inside. Only after that you will be able to determine what the best remedy is.

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