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Thread: patio base

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    hello! I'm a young home owner, trying to lift up and relay my patio on my own.
    The current patio was poorly done, uneven and had weeds growing all between.

    My research has informed me that I need to have 4" of gravel then 2" of sand and then my patio stones.
    When I lifted up the current patio stones I found simply 2" of gravel underneath.

    Rather than dig all that up...
    I was wondering could I leave the 2" of gravel and now put down my black anti weed material, then 1-2 " of gravel (depends on height) then 2" sand then my patio stones?

    This save me so much work given my patio area is large and digging up the existing gravel would be a lot of work.

    thanks kindly for any advice!

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    Default Re: patio base

    That will work.

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    Default Re: patio base

    The weed barrier that low in the assembly will be of little effect as the wed seeds will blow in from the top then germinate.

    Skip the weed barrier and use polymeric sand between the stones (or stabilized sand or a sand /portand mix of 4:1) all of which are installed DRY, very very dry.

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