I live outside of Boston. In May, I had a local contractor resurface a large deck using fir. I have not yet stained it.

In the last few days I saw that several boards are cracking and splintering. Specifically, the bottom step leading off the deck cracked along the grain at the spot where people step on it before stepping into the yard, and to prevent it from breaking off I nailed it into place. Another board is cracked along the grain. And, a piece of the rail splintered and broke off.

What to do? The contractor has blown me off. I'd like someone to examine the wood used to rebuild the deck and tell me if it's substandard wood. Who can do this?

Or, maybe having a couple of boards crack/splinter like this is no big deal, and I should just replace them, stain the deck and hope for the best. The wood that cracked/splintered represents a very small percentage of all the lumber used on the deck.

Advice on how to deal with this situation would be appreciated.