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    Default Concrete stain two different colors

    We had a new concrete patio installed and unfortunately it could not be completed on the same day. It was poured on two different days and stained on two different days. And now I have a patio with 2 different colors and it was sealed. The company won't fix it. We are looking for options to fix it ourselves.

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    Default Re: Concrete stain two different colors

    It could be many different reasons.
    Acid Stains could be affected by.
    Concrete batch mix not the same.
    A different concrete company was used.
    Amount of water used in each batch.
    How the surface was finished.
    How much sand was on the surface after troweling was complete.
    How long the concrete had cured you can get different colors based on age of concrete.
    How the stain was applied. Did the same people do both slab staining.
    Content of Lime & Cement per batch.

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    Default Re: Concrete stain two different colors

    All of the above statements are true to WHY IT HAPPENED.

    If you knew how tinted concrete is made, you will understand that there is no way to fix your problem, and that's why the contractor you hired refuses to deal with it.

    Color dye, in the form of powder, is added to the concrete while it's being mixed - and you can already see where two concrete batches can not be the same color. They can be close, but not the same.

    If you can't live with this slab, paint it. However, painting could make the situation worse in the long term (water damage, peeling, slippery and other reasons).

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    Default Re: Concrete stain two different colors

    Yep, there's no easy solution for this. I'd have thought the contractor would understand the products he uses but evidently he didn't. If you can't live with it and don't want to paint, then it will have to be demo'ed and re-poured from one batch mix, not two. Attempting any surface-applied stain treatments at this point will leave splotchy results probably looking worse than what you have now.


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