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    hello, i am in the process of fixing my yard. Its very over grown, i am starting to trim and get rid of these vines. Is there any easier way of getting rid of these vines then just ripping them up. i spent 3 hours the other day it does not seem i even dented it. PLEASE HELP!

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    Red face Re: Vines

    The best and ultimately easiest way I know to stop garden pest 'plants' is covering them up with a thick layer of plastic and either rocks or mulch. Deprive them of sunlight, water, and growth space.

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    Cool Re: Vines

    Unfortunately, we tried this last year on a hillside. We hacked to make it flat, covered it with 2 mil black plastic (the thickest we could find at home depot), staked it and left it. We were hoping this would work. We literally had plants break through the plastic sheeting in the early fall. And, everything regrew this year, after having been left under the sheeting til this spring. We are now in the process of multiple sprayings. The first spraying has only wilted the plants mildly.

    Much of what we are trying to kill is Poison Ivy. Unfortunately, it is a hardy plant.

    I read the original post also hoping for some insight.

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    Round-up makes a spray product for Poison Ivy, Kudzu and other "hardy" vines and plants. Check Home Depot or another home store like that.

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