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    Default Ug, my contractor stinks, paint peeling like rubber after he left.

    I have a closet that is to the right of a shelved pantry and wanted shelves to hold baking dishes, bowls etc. Half the wall in the closet was/is very smooth plaster which was never painted but smooth and a little discolored after about forty years. The plaster was actually pretty nice. There is also a little particle board used toward the front which was old but fine. I had painted the pantry with white flat paint a few years ago and it came out really nice.

    Before the contractor put the shelves in he painted the smooth plaster walls with Behr primer/ paint combo semi gloss. The paint job had drip lines all over forming a rather weird design, almost looking like cracks were underneath but this was not the case. It had literally dripped down and down. Then I accidently knocked some of the paint with a dish and I pulled on it after he left and it came off like peeled rubber. It peeled badly around where he had added some sort of plaster and or spackle to smooth out where some nail holes were before. The paint job looks like crap. I called and he said that there was nothing he could have done to prevent it. Do I really have to live with this ugly, cheap looking paint job? Should I pay him again to fix it?

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    Default Re: Ug, my contractor stinks, paint peeling like rubber after he left.

    This is why we always recommend to:

    1. Prepare the surface, sand, sand and sand.

    2. Use 2 coats of primer.

    3. Use 2 coats of paint. Don't use a primer-paint.

    Now to the painter: I don't know anything about him, his qualifications, I don't know if you had a contract with him, so I don't know where you're standing with him. If you still owe him money, freeze future payments.

    If he refuses to fix the mess, you'll have to do this job over, after you remove the mess of course. Report him to your state contractors board.

    BTW, the dripping may indicate the use of too much paint.

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    Default Re: Ug, my contractor stinks, paint peeling like rubber after he left.

    Two problem are blaringly evident:

    1: too much paint was gobbed on the wall.
    2: the paint wasn't cured when you knicked it and then started tugging on it.

    The problem is both the contractor and you, him for not knowing what to use or how to paint, and you for picking and peeling at uncured paint.

    Now, having said that, Behr doesn't like to cure, so regardless of paint thickness, well, it would have knicked when you hit it with the dish. You should have left it alone instead of picking at it, now you've got a big mess on your hands that has to be cleaned up. From your description, I'd negotiate the fee of the contractor and get him out of the equation.
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    Default Re: Ug, my contractor stinks, paint peeling like rubber after he left.

    What would have prevented it was a proper coat of oil primer to seal the different plaster/spackle compounds. Latex on plaster with compound on it forces the water from the paint to go into the compound, softening it and making a bond impossible.
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    Default Re: Ug, my contractor stinks, paint peeling like rubber after he left.

    Primer and paint in one products are fine if no extraordinary conditions are present: you have well sealed walls with low sheen paint on them, and few patches - basically if you are just changing the color in an otherwise good room. Over porous walls and patches, over slick walls, such as virgin plaster, or over stains, go with a dedicated primer!

    You're right, a "painter" would have known that!
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