We recently installed a new HVAC system in our 1890s folk victorian. We have a "Michigan basement" as we call them here - basically dirt floor, with stone walls with a wood retaining wall. The dirt is damp - not wet from leaking - just way underground damp. When we turn on our new system, the house smells like earth..... I don't think it is a mold issue. We put plastic down on the floor in the furnace room, which helped a little. Any other suggestions?

We have been in the house less than a year, and are about $120,000 into a remodel (new well, new HVAC, 4 rooms of carpet, 10 rooms of wallpaper removal, patch and paint, 3 bathroom updates - one of which was a gut, converted garage to kitchen, landscape and yard rehab, electric update, and a whole mess of decorating updates). We need a fairly easy cheap short term fix if one exists!