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    Default holes in bathroom floor

    Hello All --

    In my new (old) house about two weeks now. The kitchen has a drop ceiling with tiles that I discovered had staining -- yup, water. Fortunately one might even be salvagable -- But here's the question.

    There are holes behind the tub - looks like a hole was cut out to access the claw-tub catch under its drain. And the hot and cold feeds for the tub, on either side of the larger hole, have holes around the copper pipes that were put in at some point. When I removed the tile I could see everything up there, if not really access it. Old galvanized pipe cut off, etc. So the good news is that I don't have to worry about replacing galvanized pipe, but the bad is that enough water splashed out of the tub that it came down and soaked through the tile.

    So -- I've read about replacing flooring from joist to joist. Which I could consider. But that won't plug the holes. Can I seal them from above or below with foam, or something else water tight?


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    Default Re: holes in bathroom floor


    You'll fare better by heading on over to the John Bridge Tile forum (which includes a fair amount of remodeling that goes along with bathrooms)

    Start a new thread, with pictures. Tell them we sent you.

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    Default Re: holes in bathroom floor

    Without pictures, we don't know what you have around the tub, on the bathroom floor, etc.

    However, I can tell you that you need to stop splashing water from going down to the kitchen. You see, in a bath enclosure or tiles, all splashing water is diverted to the tub and down the drain. This is what you need to do here.

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