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    Default Watchdog sump pump

    While it is that time of year again where the heavy rain makes my sump pump work overtime, and there is the occasional power outage. So while walking in Home Depot I see Watchdog sump pumps company. They offer two choices a true back up sump pump and a combo system where they have the main and back up together. Anyone have any experience with this company? Are they of good quality? Any info about them would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Watchdog sump pump

    I'm not familiar with this brand, but why don't you do a search and see what other folks say about it.

    The latest news about complaints on line: if a company doesn't like a consumer's rant about their products, it sues the complainer.

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    Don't know the brand but my preference for any back-up is an entirely separate system which does not use any part of the primary system, because if a shared part fails you lose the back-up too.

    If you're on city water I'd use a venturi type water powered pump alongside the usual AC powered one. The odds of losing city water are much lower than the chance of an extended power outage exhausting you batteries and the venturi pump can be rebuilt for about $10 worth of parts and a half hour's time while batteries need regular expensive replacing. I know of a venturi pump which still works as good as new and it's 97 years old now. No electric pump, AC or battery powered, will ever make it that far along!


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