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Thread: Furniture Wax

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    I am painting an old hardwood bedroom set (dressers and nightstand), and I am wondering what to use for the final finishing coat. I am spraying a latex paint with a satin finish. I have heard of SC Johnson Paste Wax or Minwax Finishing Wax. Is one better than another?

    For some context, this bedroom set is for a 2 year old. So I'm looking for something that will be able to withstand some abuse (hotwheel cars racing on the dresser, crayons coloring where they shouldn't, etc). Is one of these products better than the other for protecting a painting finish on wood? Or is there a different product that anyone would recommend? Thanks.

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    Yo may want to look into a tougher enamel paint like Cabinet Coat or Advance (the latter by Benjamin Moore). They are both water clean-up but are recent improvements in terms of wear and hardness. Cabinet Coat is a ceramic paint, and is not mixed in dark colors; Advance is an oil/acrylic emulsion, and is mixed in every color.
    They would not need any extra protection.
    Johnson Wax is much easier to work with than the Minwax finishing wax, but the minwax is very long-lasting; johnson's has to be reapplied yearly.
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