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    Default Bath tub faucet occasionally releases water for no apparent reason

    In a recent remodel, I had a two handle wall-mount Newport Brass faucet set with a 1-500 valve installed. The new install was approximately 8" from the old tub, requiring the supply lines and drain to be moved. The plumber used Zurn pex supply lines. Water seems to build up and suddenly dump out for no apparent reason. Originally I thought flushing the toilet or running the sink faucet caused it to release the water, but yesterday it happened 11 hours after using the tub. It is a sudden discharge of about 2 cups of water. I asked the plumber if the valve was installed upside down and he said it wasn't, but that it wouldn't cause it if it was. The hot and cold cartridges were reversed when installed, but I was told the only thing that would affect would be the direction the faucet handles turn. Manufacturer has no idea and plumber has no clue what is causing it. It probably isn't a big deal, but it is a puzzle that is driving me crazy. This was an expensive faucet and a costly installation. It should work correctly. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Bath tub faucet occasionally releases water for no apparent reason

    I suggest you head on over to the Terry Love Plumbing Forum.

    perhaps one of the Pro's there has heard of this.

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    Default Re: Bath tub faucet occasionally releases water for no apparent reason

    i have an idea. does it only happen after you take a shower? and if so, what kind of shower head do you have? is there a diverter between two shower heads? this is more common when you have a removable shower head with a hose attached, do you have one of these?

    my thought is this and i could be totally wrong but i'll give it a turn the tub on then switch to the shower head and take your shower. when you're done you turn the water off and either do or don't flip the diverter back to the tub setting to drain the line. if you do have a removable shower head there has to be an air release valve installed between the shower head and the hose. this is code in massachusetts, i don't know where you're from. if there is not an air release valve the water will remain in the hose and in the line from the shower head all the way down to the shower valve. sort of the same way an inverted glass full of water can be raised up from a pool of water with no water falling out of the glass. once enough air is able to very slowly enter the shower head, which can take many hours, the water will eventually fall out of the tub spout. part two of this dilemma can occur from the button you push to change from tub to shower (i know newport brass uses these buttons) which is pressure activated. when there's pressurized water in the line it will stay closed (this is different than a diverter) until the pressure is released. this is a second way for the tub spout to spill out water once the pressure is released from the air entering through the shower head.

    my guess is that it's one of these two possibilities or a combination of both.
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