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    There are folks like me who lend out their Jack Russells for such purposes. I've done it a few times before. Works very well.

    Contact your local Jack Russell rescue network through

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    Wabbits? Time to caw Elmer Fudd I have a pit bull in my yard. She loves people (once she gets to know you which takes lots of time) but she is the only non-human animal that can stay alive in my yard. Well, actually it's her yard but she will allow me one flower bed and a few potted plants.

    @ the OP, if dogs aren't an option then trapping is the way to go. Most urbanites will not know that those wooden boxes all over your yard are rabbit gums (look it up) so unless they see a rabbit go in your discretion is all you need to worry about. Do be aware that the penalties for illegal trapping can be really severe so you might should check on that first. i caught more than a few rabbits in rabbit gums as a kid

    I used to live in the hills where rabbits, possums, racoons, snakes, moles, voles, stray dogs and cats, and squirrels were common with deer, bears, foxes, and coyotes occasionally noted. The only way to keep them under control was dogs and the shotgun. All the older rural households had a dog for that reason, but geese make better watchdogs even if they aren't a deterrent. More than furry pets, dogs are your best friend in more ways than you'd even know. I'll never be without one!


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