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    Default Fixing wobbly newel post without ruining hardwood

    The post is slightly wobbly, I want to nip it in the bud. I found a nice video,00.html that I plan on following for the most part and using a construction screw.

    My problem is that I don't want to drill through the nice wood and fill it with putty or a mismatched plug, but I can't figure out a way to remove the finished panel on the bottom. It has almost no give when I pry at it and tends to bend. I can't see any apparent joints so I'm cautious about muscling it too much.

    It's been suggested that I run a threaded rod through and tighten it down that way, but I'm not sure that I have access to the bottom to do it that way.

    Anyone have any insight into removing the panel and does the rest of the plan seem solid (har har)?

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    Default Re: Fixing wobbly newel post without ruining hardwood

    Can you access the inside of the stair? If so you can do a blind repair from behind and not touch anything you'll see- it's the approach I try to take first. With minimal wobble you can sometimes effect an adequate repair with trim screws which are easier to hide. Brackets can sometimes be installed from behind with an intentional space left so that tightening the screws pulls everything tight. Think it through mechanically then see what you can access and the answer will come to you.

    Loose newels are a common problem, sometimes with no easy solutions, which is why their original installation has to be super-solid so the need to repair never arises. It's rarely done as well as it should be these days.


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