Ugg...The rustoleum top coat paint is starting to peel on a couple of the steps and a riser. Couple of chips on the rails, but that's not the big issue. I don't know if the peel is contained or will spead and I want to make sure it's under control. The primer I used was the rustoleum clean metal primer which rustoleum recommends to use with the top coat, seems to be sticking fine. I contacted rustoleum and they said the paint was not intended for foot traffic but since there is minimum foot traffic they did feel it should have been ok.
Rustoleums recommended scuff sanding and applying more top coats.

Should I switch paints brands? Then I would reprime and paint?

If I do continue with rustoleum, I guess I wouldn't need to reprime. But then between layers of top coat, how many days do I have before I have to scuff sand. Could that be what I did wrong last year, waited too long between the primer and topcoats, waiting for the lexel to dry? Or maybe I didn't apply the second coat of topcoat soon enough...
Thank you..