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    Default Re: rim joist insulation in a ballon framed house...

    Remember that the purpose of firestops (blocking, caulking, etc.) is not to completely stop the spread of fire -- they can't -- but to slow the spread of smoke and fire so all occupants have sufficient time safely exit the building. Secondarily, they may help reduce damage to other portions of the structure -- your insurance company appreciates that. Regardless, without aggressive suppression (fire department), a fire will destroy the entire structure.

    Firestops are more critical in commercial and multifamily dwellings due to the extended amount of time required to notify all occupants (a smoke detector at one end of the building won't necessarily alert someone at the other end if they are not interconnected) and the time it takes to clear occupants from a larger building.

    The fireblock foam may be flammable, but if it slows the spread of fire by even a minute that can be the difference between life and death.
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    Default Re: rim joist insulation in a ballon framed house...

    Agreed with Fencepost, however when you have a choice you use the best option.

    Back in the day, large multifamily structures here were allowed a between-unit fire-stop wall of 2 layers of 1/2" sheetrock. Being cheaper than masonry that's what most used. After 3 relatively new building burned down completely because these were ineffective the code was changed to masonry or 2 layers of 5/8" sheetrock on non-combustible framing only with mandatory retrofits if that area is ever opened for any reason.

    Use the best you can for protection- if you ever need it nothing is ever too good


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