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    Post stripping old paint from doorways in my 1910 home to natural door frames within that

    I would like to get some direction on the process of removing paint from doorways within my home, to have the appearance of natural wood grain like it would have at the turn of the century. How or what would I need to do?

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    Default Re: stripping old paint from doorways in my 1910 home to natural door frames within t

    One problem you might run into is that the older paint on the woodwork is likely to contain lead. If you have small children in your home, you do not want to remove lead pain on your own but have it done by a professional. Tom Silva gives a little advice here:,00.html

    There are low odor paint strippers which help. You want to keep sanding to a minimum if there is lead. The difficulty is removing the paint from the small crevices of the millwork. That can be very tedious. The staining and finishing process requires a lot of good ventilation. A search can give you a lot of information about stripping, sealing, staining and finishing woodwork and how to test for lead paint.

    You can also see if the woodwork can be replaced. Check the lumberyard to see if the type of millwork in your home is still available – or a close match.

    I also love the look of warm wood, but if getting the paint stripped it too expensive because of the lead or seems overwhelming, white or cream millwork is bright and attractive and the room can look warm by using furniture and décor with wood accents and hardwood floors.

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