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    Default Crack at joint of stairwell ceiling. How troubling, concerning?

    I've been in my house for about a year and a half. It has been dated as early as the early 1900's and maybe as late as 1935.
    I stay pretty aware of the changes or possible troubles and I just saw this crack a couple weeks ago. From a distance it's barely noticeable. Up close, it's quite obvious.
    What should I be aware of, concerned with or otherwise addressing or taking preventative measures for?
    I'm trying to upload pictures so that it will be more evident and apparent what I'm referring to.
    Here's a link to a picture of the crack:

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    Default Re: Crack at joint of stairwell ceiling. How troubling, concerning?

    While nothing should crack in a perfect world, corner cracks like this are rather common and usually nothing to worry about unless they continually recur or they grow wider. Easiest fix: careful caulking and a dab of paint. Less easy: standard drywall surface repair. Best fix: replace drywall in that area and correct structural issues before covering it back up again.

    Go with the easiest fix and monitor it for growth, then increase the fix level if it recurs or grows which it probably won't.


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