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    hello there i am a carpenter in england. i once heard norm abram in a talk say that when he was working in london the london carpenters use to cut one blocking in a stud wall at a time. "measure cut measure cut use to drive me mad" I was just wondering how carpenters in USA cut blocking for stud work because if norm says there's a better way im sure he is right. THANKS

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    Most times our wall studs are pretty crooked from the pile. If you've got the sheathing already on the building (most cases) then its measure cut measure cut.

    Floor joists are usually corrected so the plywood matches better.

    In my fair city the hurricane code requires framing without plywood as to allow for visual inspection of the hurricane strapping. Thus we can cut the fire blocking ahead of time.

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    The same here, measure and cut.

    When I was building/renovating/adding I was the one to purchase materials and paying for it, so I used up most of the waste lumber to save, save, save.

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    Measure/cut is for where things are already fastened in place, but where I can I prefer to install the blocking before then. That way you can use a standard measure (US 2x walls on 16" centers= 14 1/2" blocking or a hair shorter for easier fit) then only ends and intersections need special measuring/cutting. If I need to get the envelope up ASAP, I'll omit it and do the measure/cut thing later in the dry.

    As I was told when learning to do trim work, 3 things are involved here: Time, Money, and Quality- and you can have only two of the three. So figure out which one means the least to you and go toward the other two goals Best methods may cost too much or take too long- or they may be your aim- you choose.


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