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    Default Not enough pressure from hot water. Cold is ok..

    My father in law recently started a summer home project that I have bee helping out with. We replaced the plumbing from the out side source all through the house. Unfortunately we have horrible pressure coming from the hot water. The cold water pressure is fine. Is there anybody that could give me advice on how to fix this problem. Thanks Dan

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    Default Re: Not enough pressure from hot water. Cold is ok..

    First check all faucet filters/aerators by unscrewing them from the snout & cleaning thoroughly.

    If still a problem, you might want to start by installing a new hose bib (faucet) in the cellar/boiler room where the hot water line comes out of the hw heater---then attach a low-cost psi gauge obtained from HD/Lowe's so you can check the psi (should be 30-50 psi) as well as the water flow with the hose bib wide open.

    If you get a low psi or low flow at the new hose bib the problem is in the hw heater or its water supply line---if the pressure/flow is ok, look downstream for clogged/corroded fixtures, or even supply lines.

    Do you have hard water--hot water tends to leach out minerals more quickly than cold water.

    Well water or city supply???
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