I purchased a solid wood desk yesterday (I don't know what the type of wood it is) and I want to use it as extra counter space for my kitchen. Lifting up the height of it aside, I was wondering if it's even feasible to use the top of the wood desk as a counter?

I'm not sure how comfortable I feel just cutting on it (as if it were a butcher's block) or just rolling out cookie dough on it (porosity, etc.) given that I don't know if it's been treated with anything. It looks untreated (as in no varnish) and has no paint on it. It's mostly just really beat up and needs a good sanding.

I saw at Home Depot these two cleaners for butcher's blocks, and I've researched what type of wood butcher's blocks are, and it's mostly caused me more confusion.

So. Any thoughts?

Thank you.