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    Default Buzzing light fixtures?

    We recently purchased a 1900' home. At inspection, gradual replacement of the wiring (as we remodel) was recommended because although the electrical system is in an operable condition at this time, a number of the wiring circuits
    have been installed for many years and the insulation of wiring that old may dry up. Recently, i've noticed a humming/buzzing noise from some of the light fixtures on the second floor when they are turned on. We've replace all the bulbs and the humming persists. Is this a sign that we need to get the wiring fixed sooner rather than later? What causes this sound?

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    Default Re: Buzzing light fixtures?

    You didn't mention if the wiring was grounded or you just had un-grounded receptacles.

    Flourescent lights have difficulty working properly on un-grounded circuits. And, as the old style magnetic ballast age they begin to heat up, leak a tar-like potting compound, get noisy and sometimes catch fire.

    If ordinary incandescent lamps and fixtures are noisy you have a serious problem and they should be repaired at once.

    Wiring with brittle wiring also poses and imminent danger.
    Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
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    Default Re: Buzzing light fixtures?

    This probably isn't related to your problem, but I have a three lamp incandescent fixture that has a slight hum when the dimmer is used. The hum comes from the bulbs.
    I would make sure all the contacts in the fixtures are clean and making good contact with the bulbs. Other than with dimmers or fluorescent ballasts, I've never heard bulbs make any noise. (Sodium, mercury vapor, etc. are a different matter) It would make me a bit nervous to hear that.
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    Default Re: Buzzing light fixtures?

    I wouldn't hesitate re-wiring the entire house now, as apposed to little by little.

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    Default Re: Buzzing light fixtures?

    Quote Originally Posted by dj1 View Post
    I wouldn't hesitate re-wiring the entire house now, as apposed to little by little.
    Ditto this even if you have to take out a loan. Better new wiring and sound sleep than a pile of ashes and a pool of tears!


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