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    Default metal roof ridge vent leaks

    We have a metal roof with a ridge vent. The pitch is 6 and 12 and leaks when there is a hard, blowing rain. This is a new roof and the installer is willing to make good on it.
    Is it possible to get a wider ridge vent? And would this solve the problem? Or, are there other options?

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    Default Re: metal roof ridge vent leaks

    A wider cap may be offered and it might work. I know that for shingle roofs there are different types with some designed for better wind-driven rain resistance. Some of those have a woven plastic filler, like "scotchbrite" but woven more loosely. This catches the drops and lets them drain instead of continuing inward and it still allows airflow. Have the installer contact a factory Rep and see what they have available or can offer in terms of advice or upgrades.

    I've seen the vented ridges on several metal roofs and questioned how well they'd do in wind-driven rain. Metal is smooth so offers no resistance to water going uphill other than gravity, while the pebbled surface of shingles catches the drops and breaks them up, making uphill movement far less likely. I don't know anyone who has experienced this or a solution so please let us know what you find out.


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