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    Question How to remove old tile mastic?

    Hey all:

    We're currently renovating our family room. Pulled out all the old carpet and padding and we're going to install wood laminate. I found a roughly 3x6 patch where some ceramic floortile was likely removed. Much of the mastic is still stuck to the floor (concrete slab in that area). What is the most efficient way to remove this? I've got masonry tools and a 4" grinder with a diamond blade, but fear that using these will be very time consuming. Is there something I can rent that might make shorter work of this?

    Thanks in advance,

    -Daryl, learning how to keep up with an 80 year old house in PA

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    Default Re: How to remove old tile mastic?

    A rotary hammer. You can rent one for about $65 a day. Get yourself spade and chisel tips for it, you won't need a point. Make sure you wear eye and ear protection at the very least.
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    Default Re: How to remove old tile mastic?

    For a small area like yours, a hammer and a chisel can work as well, if you provide some elbow grease.

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    Default Re: How to remove old tile mastic?

    A simple scrapre (think of a garden hoe that's straight instead of bent 90 degrees to the handle) with a sharpened edge may do the job.

    You don't need to get it all off. If it's pretty close to smooth, the foam underlayment used under laminate will easily mask slight roughness.
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