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    I have a deck that is approximately 20 years old. I've had an outdoor rug on it for the past 5 years and recently pulled it up. My deck is very worn beyond just power washing and restaining. I would like to know if there is some type of "finish" that I could apply to the deck. Financially I am not able at this time to replace the deck and am looking for something that will last a good few years. Help anyone???

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    There are various products on the market to do the job. One is Rust-oleum Deck Restore Paint and another is ArmorPoxy.

    As usual read the labels and follow the instructions.

    Please send photos.

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    Both RustOleum Restore and Behr's DeckOver are heavy bodied acrylic products which have been fortified with solid particles. Both are capable of filling cracks and holes up to 1/4 inch in width.

    Older decks, because of these deep fissues that let water pentrate deep into the wood, don't have a chance of holding more conventional deck finishes. These products attempt to seal the deck top from flowing water, yet let it breathe enough to let the water that does work its way into the decking to escape.

    Both products have videos on the manufacturer's websites and there are plenty of real worlld use videos on You Tube.

    Both products requre two coats and will result in per foot costs approaching a dollar .

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    Before using either of these products, You should do your homework and look at the product reviews first.
    I have used the Rust-Oleum Restore product and can tell you first hand...It is not a good product. I applied it to my 400 sq ft deck in August 2013 and by March 2014 it was peeling and cracking everywhere.
    These products that encapsulate the wood with sand (silica) and glue do not work.
    IMHO stay with a semi transparent penetrating stain and just face the fact that you will have to redo it again in 3- 5 years.
    Do not make the same mistake that I did. $800 and 30 hours of work flushed down the drain.
    I can't speak to any other product but Restore, but the horror stories seem to be the same between the two products.
    Good Luck

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