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    Default Leaking bathroom faucet under sink

    My bathroom faucet leaks a good amount (2 drops per second) whenever the hot or cold water is turned on. It seems to be coming from the central faucet part, not the hot or cold knobs or the supply lines. It looks like it's coming from the "stem" that opens & closes the drain, as opposed to the connection between the faucet and the sink, but I'm not positive. The area under the sink is very narrow and looks like it will be really difficult to work on it.

    I was unable to attach the pics, but hopefully these links should work:

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Leaking bathroom faucet under sink

    That last pic is the actuator rod for the drain stopper, there is no seal here, it's a direct open hole and any water splashed on the top side of the faucet/actuator rod, will certainly find its way down through that hole. This hole is only through the decorative housing of the faucet, it does not pass through any water passages or through the inner workings of the valve itself. So, other than top side splash, this would not be the source of your leak.

    Your actual "valves" are separate from the spout, check your hose connections from both your hot and cold lines where they connect to the spout. Also, give the spout and handles a good wiggle to see if they are loose on the surface of the sink, if they are, then it could still be a surface leak rather than a supply leak.
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    Default Re: Leaking bathroom faucet under sink

    I certainly see the rod which is not attached. I wish you had a picture of the drain set.

    Your "guess" may not be right on. Why don't you run water, go down under the sink with a flashlight and locate the source of the leak more accurately, then let us know.

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