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    Default Installing hardwood strip flooring in angled hallway

    I am installing 2 1/2-inch hardwood strip flooring in a hallway. The hallway takes a 90-degree turn at the point where the addition meets the original structure. The twist is that it makes this turn by combining two 135-degree angles, as is depicted in the accompanying image. [For some reason I'm unable to upload the image.] I want the flooring to be parallel to the walls for the entire length of the hallway on either side of the angle. The floor joists aren't a factor because they take a 90-degree turn at the angle. I'm thinking of mitering the ends of the strips at the angles, and perhaps inserting a perpendicular strip between the mitered ends as a sort of transition piece. Thoughts? Suggestions?
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    Default Re: Installing hardwood strip flooring in angled hallway

    sounds like a good plan to me

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    Default Re: Installing hardwood strip flooring in angled hallway

    Assuming that the angled transition between the two hallways is short enough to allow, probably the easiest way will be to herring bone the ends of the boards through the corner, let the outside follow the contour of the wall, and where the ends of the boards meet, butt the end of one into the side of the other. As you come through the inside of the corner, you again allow the wall end to follow the contour of the wall, while the board ends continue to herring bone. With this method, there will be no custom cutting or joining of the ends of the boards, you will be able to fully use the interlocking T&G feature. Don't forget to leave a 1/8th - 1/4 inch gap between the end of the boards and the wall for expansion room.

    Custom milling an end groove and spline will be a pain in the patootie, as will getting the correct mating angles even from board to board as you lay them together. Cutting an angle, 2" at a time and stacking the pieces together IS NOT the same as making a single cut the entire width of the hallway. The end result will likely be an uneven joint surface and joint line. I'm not saying that this can't be done or isn't done all the time, just that it can be more difficult than you think to accomplish it as a DIY project. Probably the easiest way to do this method will be to use a biscuit joiner. This will take care of the spline, but you'll still have a bugger of a time holding your angle straight and true across the width of the hallway.
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    Default Re: Installing hardwood strip flooring in angled hallway

    I'd use a simple miter end joined with biscuits glued in on one side only. Lay the flooring with the groove towards that short wall of the angled section so you'll push the joinery tight as you lay more flooring. Lay a whole run together, all 3 sides at once, and keep checking with a straightedge to make sure you're aimed for the exact opposite corner. You will want to match board widths exactly here as any growth or loss across the span can get worse as you go, so do this part of the floor job first to give you more choices to get a perfect match. Because the biscuits are not fully glued, normal expansion and contraction won't be splitting anything. Cut the biscuit slots from the bottom because that's where they will match up (the top gets sanded even so it doesn't matter there). Acclimate the wood well- I'd go a month if I could but at least two weeks- to minimize any size changes in the joint.


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