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    Default Get the heat out?

    I had a programmable thermostat put in a couple of months ago. When I turned off the thermostat (for the warmer months), the water in the pipes (baseboard heating) is still as hot as it was when the thermostat was on. Do I need to turn off the boiler? Drain the pipes?

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    Default Re: Get the heat out?


    This could be caused by any one of several possibilities:

    1) the thermostat was originally wired incorrectly---do you have the diagram sheet that came with it??? Can you check the wiring??? Does the t-stat control the AC as well??? 2) there is "ghost flow" of the hot water in the boiler due to a stuck open "flo-check" valve in the hot water piping in a "tankless coil" boiler; 3) the aquastat on the boiler (that controls boiler firing) is defective.

    If you can get access to the t-stat wiring by removing the t-stat cover, do so, & disconnect one of the wires at a time starting with the red wire to see if that shuts down the heat.

    Do you have zone circulators on the pipes near the boiler for the baseboard hot water distribution???

    Do you also use the boiler to heat up the domestic hot tap water, or is it just for the baseboard heat & you have a separate hw heater???
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