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    I have a very old (early 1800's) and very worn house on a beautiful lot. I am considering a major, basement to roof, remodel and potential move to a better location on the same lot. I have no experience with this sort of thing. Do I start with an architect, a general contractor, a lawyer for permits? If a contractor, how do I find one with experience in major renovation of older homes? Are there certain questions I should ask?



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    Jumping into a big project with no experience can be costly. I almost want to say: hire a general contractor who is trustworthy to handle the project for you.

    Now, how to find him? that's the thing. Start by asking all your relatives, friends, co-workers - everyone you know, for references. Once you get references, go out and check them and validate them. A good, reputable and experienced GC will have all the contacts you will need to get going.

    BTW, you don't have to use his contacts and subs, but if you hire others, they will have to work under his supervision.

    And lastly, have all the money put aside PLUS funds for the unexpected. Send pictures!

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