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    Arrow hot water line in shower

    hi everyone, well here is my problem, i ran new lines in my shower, everything going fine, 3 months later i can not get hot water in my shower. hot water all through the house is fine, i have no water leaks in shower. i have very hard well water, so hard i can not keep a water softener working, put in a new one it quit to. i can't afford filters, i would have to change every month or sooner. any help on fixing i would really appreciate. Thanks to everyone.. p.s i love this show. mispie

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    If you had good pressure for 3 months and now you don't, the possible cause could be:

    - in the pipe.

    - in the cartridge (faucet).

    Check these two first and if you don't fix it report back.

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    If your new plumbing was copper, I have seen where a glob of solder forms on the inside of a pipe during sweating. Eventually it breaks free and will find the faucet in use at the time to lodge itself in. Try removing the cartridge in the shower and see if you find this blocking the valve.

    Sometimes the valve is just defective and the cartridge has to be replaced.

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    Here is how you check.
    1) turn off the main water valve.
    2) open up the hot water and cold water faucet by this i mean remove the handles cartridges ect.
    3) have some one go to the main water valve and on you voice command open the valve They can shut it if things go bad .and you watch what happen at the shower. some times debris will clog the lines both should run free and clear. if not the trouble is futher down stream.

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